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Good morning ☀️

Welcome to Issue 27 of Anthro! Today we’re focusing on the Super Bowl and TikTok content, with some analysis provided by the super intelligent and all round good man - Anthony “Tony” McGuire. Tony writes about the best TikTok content from brands every week over on GTTC - so go check out his stuff.

We’re also lamenting the missed opportunity for the Weeknd and his dance troupe doing the Blinding Lights TikTok Challenge during the Super Bowl. WHY?!

It would have been so good!

By the way, more exciting, informative events happening on Twitter Spaces this week. Tony and I will be talking TikTok on Wednesday at 11am GMT, plus more marketing chat with Samir from Twitter on Monday at 7pm GMT, and all things culture and crypto later in the week. You can join on Twitter on the day by following the tweet link I share, or by clicking the pulsating purple thingy in the fleets bar. Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for the full events listings.

The Super Bowl LV and TikTok TailGate

Today, Tony McGuire has written a guest post all about TikTok’s Super Bowl content over the last week 👀 You can read his full article here.

Apparently, some people watch the Super Bowl every year for the American football… Who knew?! 🤯 I know you and I are committed for something far more important! That’s the adverts and the brand activations surrounding the game every year! ✨

Given the fact the Super Bowl wasn’t at full spectator-capacity, and viewing parties weren’t quite the same as normal years, NFL partnered with TikTok to create some hype and atmosphere for everyone watching the Game from home this year.

In comes the “TikTok tailgate” - a 2 hour virtual pregame featuring live cooking, interviews and musical performances directly from NFL’s TikTok profile 🎶🍕🍗

Here are some key takeaways that Tony’s picked up for us!

2 Super Bowl TikTok campaigns by brands

  • Ocean Spray continued their support for skating, good vibes legend @420doggface208 with the creation of the #DoggfaceDanceVibes Challenge, where people could imitate the dance moves of viral sensation Nathan Apodaca

  • Gillette and Old Spice’s #ThisOrThat Challenge saw people participate in a Super Bowl themed version of the “This Or That” trend

👀 3 takeaways from Anthony’s TikTok analysis

  • NFL’s decision to create TikTok Tailgate is symbolic that this app that’s blown up in the pandemic is here to stay ✌🏽

  • TikTok has the potential to create effects for brands with $$$. The app created the “Game Day Prediction Creative Effect” especially for the Super Bowl 📣

  • TikTok’s reach, for brands and individual people alike, has the potential to be huge! 7 brands mentioned in Tony’s analysis collectively racked up a whopping 22 Billion views 👁


Other interesting things lately:

Thanks for reading this week! Hopefully see you on Twitter Spaces this week! Be sure to pop in and say hi! Don’t be shy - I’ll welcome you and be nice, I promise! 😘

Sanya 😊

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