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Happy Sunday, friends 👋🏽 This is the last issue before this year’s Christmas break, and I want to use it as an opportunity to get YOU more involved 🥰🎄✨🤩🎅🏾

This week:

  • I would love to hear your thoughts on the 20 issues that have come before. It’s FEEDBACK TIMEEE and we have a 60 second survey for ya 🎉

  • I want to encourage those of you who like to write to become an Anthro contributer 💙 I would love to support you if you want to grow your online reach 🔊

  • There’s a round up of the best Anthro content since we launched back in August 🏆

  • Thank yous 💕

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What you loved best in 2020

Here’s a little low down on the content you loved most from Anthro since launch in summer ☀️ Having a look at Anthro’s Google Analytics, your favourite articles this year were as follows:

  1. Bad Brands: Missguided | It’s called “Cheap & Nasty” for a reason

  2. Brand Experience: What a non-whisky lover can learn from Macallan

  3. Interview with Maansi Dommeti | Pinterest

  4. Interview with Emily Chappell | Creative Strategist

  5. Interview with Micaela Ortego Maciel | Creative Strategist

  6. Interview with Will McInnes | Brandwatch CMO

  7. Learning from Oatly’s brand strategy

  8. Oatly Follow Up: Oatly Blackstone Backlash

  9. Alcohol Is So Passé: Owning the low-no alcohol space

  10. Interview with Vikki Chowney | Global Head of Content H+K Strategies

And crucially, thank you, guys!

A massive thank you to every single one of you for subscribing, for sharing Anthro with a friend, for continuing to read this newsletter, and click through to the full articles each week. And thank you to the small group of you who even click the like button and give @anthroglobal on social 😁 You guys are the best 💙

Other interesting things:

  • The Year on TikTok: Brands that inspired us - TikTok Newsroom

  • Luxury fashion continues its love affair with gaming. Balenciaga launched its latest collection through a video game - Balenciaga

  • Pinterest predicts 2021. These guys kill the predictions every year 💪🏽 - Pinterest

  • A year in search (Feels like 10!) - Google UK

We’ll be back with more banging analyses and interviews with super smart people in 2021 (whattt!?). See you on Sunday 3rd January in your inbox at the same time as usual. In the meantime, look after yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy your quality time together, try to switch off for a bit, and use this time to recoup. Merry Christmas party people, and happy 2021 💖💕

So much love.

Sanya 😊

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Written by Sanya-Jeet Thandi, a brand strategist & consultant with a love for culture, start-ups and good karma. British Indian currently in Kent & London, and soon to be US ex-pat. You can connect with me on Twitter, but not Instagram, because it’s boring so I deleted it.