👀🦠Brb, got Covid.

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Dear friends,

I have Covid, and I’ve been looking after vulnerable family while they recover from Covid too.

Why am I telling you this? Because I wanted to let you know, there’s no new shiny 2021 Anthro newsletter with lots of snazzy insights for ya today. I’m sorry for that. The first 2021 newsletter will be worth the wait. Promise 😘 Either next week or the week after, depending on recovery time.

I’m also telling you this for 2 other reasons:

1) To normalise resting and giving your body the care it deserves. Something our industry has needed to adopt for years, even prior to Covid times. Your health > work. Have the guts to tell your boss or client or whoever, that you need to rest when you’re sick. You owe it to yourself. And no one is going to die if that deck is delivered a bit later, or if that meeting is pushed back. Health comes first. Always.
Plus, we all do better when we’re our healthiest. So it’s in your team’s interest to prioritise your health too 💗

2) To share a personal reminder of how fierce and contagious this bug is. Please take safety guidelines seriously, and just remember that even if Covid won’t affect you that badly, all your actions can still implicate those who are truly vulnerable. Hospitals are already overwhelmed, let’s do our bit to minimise new Covid cases. Make sure your mask is on, and covering your nose too. Don’t be that person. No one likes that person 🧐🙅🏽‍♀️
And the hand washing and sanitizer and limiting social interactions yadda yadda yadda. We all know the drill. Just do it 👌🏽

Between caring for others and sleeping I’m watching interiors videos and a re-run of Schitt’s Creek. If you’re into interiors, check out this fab one from my favourite designer Jonathan Adler:

And if you have any show or movie recommendations please send them my way 😁 (For the record I love crappy feel good shows! I need the good vibes right now ✨🙏🏽)

Leave me a comment or tweet me with your suggestions 🙃

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I hope you all had a healthier start to the year than me. And even if you didn’t, d’you know what? We all just made it through one of the hardest, craziest years as a collective and we should all be f*cking proud of ourselves 💕

And despite the slippery start for me personally this year… I’ve still got a feeling 😉

We got this people. Look after yourself. Look after those you love. And let’s absolutely smash this year! It’s gonna be wild!

Sanya 😊

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Written by Sanya-Jeet Thandi, a brand strategist & consultant with a love for culture, start-ups and good karma. British Indian currently in Kent & London, and soon to be US ex-pat. You can connect with me on Twitter, but not Instagram, because it’s boring so I deleted it.