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Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Balancing creative with business objectives

  • How people’s habits are changing for good

  • Twitter “Stories” and working with Gen Z

Part 2 Interview with Mark Carroll: Cute baby alert(!) and creative strategy chat

Awww! How sweet is Mark’s baby? His face is just 💗💗💗! Right!? Okay, back to work chat. We heard from the brilliant Mark Carroll from Pinterest in the issue before last 👀You can catch Part 1 of his interview here if you missed it. This week we have an exciting Part 2! Woop! Mark shared so much juicy info for you that it was simply mandatory to extend his presence in this here newsletter. Some poignant tidbits for you below 👀 Read the full interview with Mark Carroll (Part 2)

  • Be strategic with your creative work (brand/marketing/comms). Linking your ideas to solving the business objectives will serve you well 💸

  • Be open to (constructive) criticism and don’t be afraid to try, and try again. It’s okay not to respond to a brief perfectly first time 🏃

  • Stay interested: It makes you more interesting, and you’re more likely to stumble across other interesting people. Like attracts like, in work & play 💅

Shoppers are making some long-term lifestyle changes in light of Covid

The dreaded C-word (not *that* one!) has been affecting our daily living for over 6 months now - time flies! The constant uncertainty has meant there’s a lot up in the air. However, social media and research data can tell us about the few things that are certain. Our friends over at Brandwatch have released a new report “Will Covid-19 change consumer behaviour in the long term?” and in a word, the answer is “yes”. The report goes into detail about what the public is doing differently, what they prioritise and how shopping habits have changed 👛 I urge you to download and devour the report - very useful whether you’re at a brand, start-up or agency. 3 key takeaways here for you though 👀 Read the full Brandwatch report on Covid & consumer behaviour

  • There’ s a surge in shopping locally. Since Covid hit, 33% of people think it’s important that what they buy is locally sourced 🐮

  • 73% of *new* online clothing shoppers say they’ll continue with their new found love/habit of online shopping 👗👘

  • Staycations are increasingly trendy - but you knew that already 😉 Book that Airbnb (if it’s safe/legal to do so)! 🏡

Other interesting things:

And in case you missed it:

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