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Morning friends,

Let’s get straight into it today. Grab your cuppa… (Coffee/tea? Mine’s a chamomile 😊) ☕ And just a reminder, Sancerre is *not* a breakfast wine. Although that would be a fab excuse for a morning tipple 😇

Let’s go! 🔥

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Market research basics & cultural sensitivity from Emily In Paris

  • Finally understanding ASMR and easy tips to try it on your brand

  • How industry big dog Sir Martin Sorrell spends his days in lockdown & more

What can brands learn about broaching other cultures from Emily In Paris?

Have you watched it yet? What did you think? I loved it. But I also hated it. The clichés really peeeeeed me off. Utterly offensive. That’s not to say it wasn’t entertaining - we all know it was. And that is why the show can get away with clichés and assumptions (love, affairs, fashion, whitewashing a diverse city etc) - all in the name of entertainment. In the name of business however, things aren’t so easy. You have to really know your audience, and understand the reality and nuances of their lives. So let’s use this as an opportunity to take a baby step into market research. Some pointers below 👀 Read the full Anthro Industry Analysis

  • Do your research. Don't go off clichés and assumptions about a culture. In fact, try to disprove them and understand the reality. Cue: creative inspiration 🍷

  • Market research is something every business, no matter how big or small can and should do. If you don't have the funds for a snazzy MR agency, then a simple Q&A directly with your audience will get you a long way 🗣

  • If you want to go a step further and do something more formal but affordable, use a Google form to capture user data and analyse it for free. Message me or leave a comment if you want more info on this 😊

What’s the deal with ASMR? It’s not over. Let’s make more!

SO. RELAXING. I clicked on The Londoner’s Instagram feed yesterday for a quick peruse. I love how homely and real she is online 🏡 (Interestingly more real than IRL. We hosted her at a Fashion Society event at LSE years back and she was so boring… Maybe just shy?). I clicked on her reels video of feeding parakeets in London’s Hyde Park. Then the videos naturally progressed to a couple of ASMRy ones which I was GLUED TO and then very sad when they quickly stopped: A luscious sticky toffee pudding recipe video with a crackling fire and rich velvety sauce, and a homemade apple crumble recipe 🍎 ASMR is weirdly mesmerising and relaxing 😍😊 It’s grown in popularity hugely over the last year or two, so if you didn’t already know - read below, and why not consider making some ASMR content for your brand?

  • “Autonomous sensory meridian response” aka ASMR is a tingling and relaxing sensation that happens when some people hear soft sounds, like whispering, a fire crackling or the crunch of a crisp apple.

  • Easy ways to try and cultivate and ASMR response include whispering, personal attention, crisp sounds and slow movements 👄

  • Michelob Ultra created an ad last year with Zoe Kravitz to show how “different” their beer is. Tell me this video is like a lullaby to you too? Or am I just weird? 👽

Other interesting things:

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Thanks for being a part of the Anthro community this week - looking forward to seeing you again next week. Same time, same place.

Sanya 😊

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