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Good morning friends,

Happy Sunday from the Isle of Skye. Hope you’re all continuing to keep safe amidst this second wave of Covid and lockdown… Wuttt! On a more positive note, today we have some EPIC insights for you. Think about how cool and helpful Anthro is normally 😉 and then make it FASHUN! 🔥 Let me know your favourite part of this issue is with a cheeky screenshot and tweet? 💙

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Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Copywriting from Glamour Mag’s horoscopes writer & Time Out editor

  • How to use Twitch for your biz. Learning from Burberry’s London Fashion Week stream

  • Other interesting things and ICYMI

Saying no to Parisian shoe designers, horoscopes, yoga and copywriting for business

I interview Emma Howarth, a writer and journalist who’s known as a former Time Out editor, her horscopes in Glamour Magazine and editing white papers for none other than economist Amartya Sen and visionary architect Zaha Hadid. WOW! I was fortunate to work with Emma at the beginning of the pandemic and she gives off the best vibes! Emma talks to us about copywriting, yoga and saying no to shoe designers in Paris 👀 Read the full interview with Emma Howarth

  • Be human. Quelle surprise 👍🏽 “Write it as though you’re explaining it to a friend and use the same kind of language.”

  • “Ditch the exclamation marks and adverbs!” - Oopsy! Guilty 🙈

  • “Remember that comprehension is key… it doesn’t matter how beautifully put something is if no one understands what you’re actually going on about!” ❌

Twitch is going mainstream: Burberry smashed it with Squad Mode at London Fashion Week

Remember when I wrote about Twitch in issue #002 of this newsletter? (👀You can read the analysis here). In a nutshell I focused on how Twitch is diversifying- moving from gaming, to Premier League football and dance music… I said it was only a matter of time before we see more popular adoption of Twitch. BOOM! It’s already happening! This week Burberry streamed the first "luxury” content the channel has ever seen - its Spring Summer 2021 collection. V cool! So, what can you learn from this? 👀 Read the full Anthro Industry Analysis

  • 43% of streamers are Gen Z. And that means 57% are older or younger than Gen Z. I’m a millennial and streaming #ABGT400 as I write this for you 😉

  • Engagement is high, with users spending an average of 95 minutes a day on it Twitch 💯

  • Avoid your standard commercial messaging on Twitch… Note the lack of standard ad content. Instead, embrace the digital experience and use Squad Mode to show your audience the POV of your key stakeholders/influencers ✨

Other interesting things:

And in case you missed it:

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👀 Learnings on crisis management from the Oatly x Blackstone controversy

👀 WPP chief and Group M CEO Karen Blackett on our industry’s future and diversity

👀 PR & media relations tips. Interview with PR Consultant Victoria Newark

👀 Brand Partnerships: John Boyega quits Jo Malone

👀 Hyper-Local: Coke’s Ad Campaign in Edinburgh

Keep washing those hands, wearing those masks and looking after yourselves. No illegal raving please.

Sanya 😊

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