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Good morning friends,

Coming at you from Scotland again. You can’t keep me away 😍 Anyone else a big fan? Grateful this pandemic has me exploring more places closer to home. The UK is a stunner! 💙 Wishing our West Coast US readers safety and health right now. Those photos of orange skies from the fires the last week have been INSANE! 💕

A little housekeeping for you:

We have slightly different set up from now on. To make sure I keep this newsletter sustainable I’ll be sharing 2 stories per week. Previously it’s been 3 per week. The interviews with all of the badass folks helping make this Community real will now be every other week. AND I want your engagement! 😊 Tell me if you want me to cover a campaign, or have any questions you want me to consider, analyse and write about Tweet me or email me.

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Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • How to make successful brand partnerships

  • Coke’s hyper-local ads in Scotland are cute af for a global corporation

  • Other interesting things and ICYMI

How to make successful brand partnerships. Hint: don’t follow Jo Malone’s route of disrespect

Star Wars actor John Boyega quits as Jo Malone’s global ambassador as the brand stole his ad concept for “London Gent”, re-purposing the story and replacing him with local Chinese celeb Liu Haoran- without consent. Appalling considering John conceptualised and directed the whole thing, even casting his best mates and family in the video ✌🏽 3 key takeaways below 👀 Read the full Anthro Industry Analysis

  • Consider brand partnerships as sacred- built on aligned values, mutual respect, and collaboration 😎

  • Jo Malone publicly apologised for the “misstep”. More often than not, it’s advisable for brands to own up to their mistakes… Think how a human would approach asking for forgiveness 🙏🏻

  • Unfortunately for the brand, this apology was too little too late. Start as you mean to go on - karma is real in the world of brand and business 💫

Watch the original London Gent vid by Boyega below. It’s lovely 🌼

Coke’s localised ad campaigns are making them seem like they care. Awww! 💕💞💗

As I said, you can’t keep me away from Scotland at the moment and one ad campaign on the streets that’s caught my eye has been from Coke! When brands normally talk about “local activations” they mean launching a slight variation of a campaign based on different countries. Different towns is a new one and I love it! The local team have used places around Edinbrugh city to engage people in the area. Morningside and Raeburn Place are just 2 of the Edinbrugh places I’ve seen mentioned on various bus stops so far. The noodles image (above right) is the one that really got me thinking though… Because it’s just steps away from a Ramen restaurant. Did they know? Did they do this on purpose? Is it just a lucky ad placement given every big city probably has a noodle spot of some sort relatively nearby? It got me thinking about how cool the hyper local slant on the ads is though. Spark notes on hyper-local vs broad brush campaigns below:

  • Talking about specifics, in this case local things and local places, makes people in that area or audience group feel seen 👀

  • A one size fits all approach can only ever work so well, hitting home with the mainstream 💁🏽

  • 💙 Personalisation is a great way to really speak to your audience in an authentic way 💙 Mass marketing can only get you so far, there are always people on the periphery who won’t get it or feel alientaed 👽

Other interesting things:

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