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Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Culture, community and cocktails from the World’s Best Bar team. Interview with Lyaness’ Veronica Di Pietrantonio

  • Investing in your brand purpose has a long term pay off. The lowdown on Oatly - from relaunching, to winning a $200 million investment and $2B valuation in Anthro Industry Analysis

  • The low-and-no-alcohol category. New aperitif brand Ghia is doing it well in Anthro Industry Analysis

  • Video first and social commerce are growing. TikTok and Chinese Super Apps are inspiring the future of how we consume content and products. Is there a new content-centric business model here?

  • The Facebook advertising boycott continues. Where will brands reallocate their budgets? Owned content? Google?

What can we learn from the World’s Best Bar Team about community and cocktails?

I interview Veronica Di Pietrantonio, the friendly face of Lyaness cocktail bar on London’s Southbank. Having previously won the title of World’s Best Bar, she tells us about the brand culture, being a woman in a male dominated industry, and her go-to cocktail recipe you can try at home. 👀 Read the full interview with Lyaness’ Veronica Di Pietrantonio

Veronica’s French 75:

  • 30 ml Gin

  • 15 ml of fresh lemon juice

  • 15 ml of sugar syrup

  • Top up with champagne

How investing in your brand purpose pays off

Analysis of cult alt milk brand Oatly shows us how standing for something and knowing your audience is more valuable than ever. By relaunching and focusing on the environment, and getting to know their “stealth health” consumer, they are taking the global dairy free market by storm and this is just the beginning. 👀 Read the Anthro Industry Analysis on Oatly

Alcohol is so passé. Why there’s everything to play for in the low-and-no alcohol space

Glossier alumna 💄 Melanie Masarin shows us how a brand can have “all of the spirit” and “none of the booze”. There’s a huge opportunity to stand out in a small but growing niche, and Masarin’s aperitif inspired Ghia 🍹 is leading the way. 👀 Read the Anthro Industry Analysis on Ghia

Video and Social Commerce

What can we learn from China about social commerce? And how does this impact our current social media strategies? 👀 Read this Medium article by Jess Li from Soma Capital

Personalisation and recommendations are the future of social, and video is the medium. Covid has accelerated video 🎥 People are becoming video native. Video first is sticking around - for social as well as e-commerce. It gives us more information, it’s relatable and it gives your audience confidence. Ultimately, video is more human. The likes of Super Apps (e.g. WeChat) and TikTok are driving these changes. 👀 Listen to Connie Chan, GP Andreesson Horowitz, on the Business Casual podcast or read the key takeaways here

The relationship between content/product discovery 🔍 and social media is set to strenghten, and TikTok’s algorithm is a potential enabler in Western markets. Chinese users see shoppable video functionality in their version of the app. Zyper founder Amber Atherton calls out the nuisance of constant ads on Instagram and Facebook. She cites TikTok as the alternative. Are we seeing the rise of an alternative content-centric business model?

  • Current: Monetisation of adverts/paid content 💰

  • Future: Monetisation of discovery and ⬆ social recommendations 💸

Facebook Advertising Boycott

The recent Facebook advertising boycott is about brands standing up to the social giant’s decisions not to address hate speech 🚫 Brands will use this time to experiment on other platforms. If these are successful, is there any reason for them to return to Facebook in future? 👂 Listen to Amber Atherton, Zyper CEO at 13 minutes in on Bloomberg Businesssweek Podcast

If brands continue to boycott the social media giant, where will these funds be reallocated? Google ads? Investing in better content? More owned video content? Publishers and PR? 👀 Read John McCarthy’s article on The Drum

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